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Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game that follows the stories of troubled artists, as they navigate through their distorted reality, uncovering the dark secrets of their past and struggling to complete their masterpieces. The game explores serious themes, portraying the struggles of the main characters who are tormented by their past traumas, guilt, and creative obsessions.

Please be aware that Layers of Fear contains content that some players may find disturbing or triggering, including depictions of aggression and violence, violent language, domestic and child abuse/neglect, unsettling childhood imagery (such as dismembered or possessed dolls, and disarrayed childhood belongings), unsettling depictions of human-like figures (ie. mannequins), blood and blood-like substances, fire, visual depictions of severe bodily injuries (ie. burns), alcohol and alcohol abuse, audible and visual hallucinations, demonic imagery, rats, dogs, confined spaces and the sensation of being trapped or chased, depression, self-harm, and suicide.

If you are sensitive to any of these themes or have a history of experiencing similar difficulties in the past, please use caution when playing and consider whether this game is appropriate for you.

In the event that you find yourself having a negative reaction to this content, please remember that you can pause or stop the game at any point and take breaks as needed.

For more information on mental health and access to mental health resources, please feel free to visit the links below where you can discover more about mental health, helplines, and support sites:

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